Nature Whisper Vol. 07 Water Bells Mick Sawaguchi

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Genre: New Age

Subgenre: Relaxation

Interpret: Mick Sawaguchi

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FLAC 96 / MCH $ 19,40
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  • 1Water Tricking from Rock15:00
  • 2Water Bells 0115:00
  • 3Water Bells 0215:00
  • 4Water Drop from Stalactite15:00
  • Total Runtime01:00:00

Info zu Nature Whisper Vol. 07 Water Bells

In this album, we have picked up the subtle sounds that you will notice only when you listen carefully, even in the various expressions of water such as rain, waves, and waterfalls. In modern times, urban noise is increasing, and these sounds that cannot be heard without listening are drowned out. The act of critical listening is also a good training to activate the cells in our brain.

There are 3 different type of subtle field recordings:

1 Water Tricking from Rocks
The rhythm of drops dripping down the rock surface is sometimes slow and sometimes fast and not constant. It is exactly the fluctuation created by nature. In the early spring valley where this recording was made, you can hear the water droplets that travel down the rock surface on the front side and the warbler singing in the valley on the rear side.

02 / 03 Water Bells in the limestone cave
Suikinkutsu is one of the decorations of a Japanese garden. Water drops are dropped into a cavity created in the ground near a chozubachi, and the sound emitted at that time is echoed. It was made in the Edo period in the 1800s with a mechanism to treat the wastewater from the chozubachi.

Suikinkutsu is usually installed in the garden in front of the tea room, but this recording is a sound of Suikinkutsu using natural water droplets in the limestone cave.

04 Water droplets in the limestone cave
Water droplets flowing down the stalactite. This is also a subtle sound, but please enjoy the beautiful sound transmitted through the hard cave called the limestone cave.

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