Saffronkeira & Paolo Fresu

Biographie Saffronkeira & Paolo Fresu

Saffronkeira & Paolo Fresu
Eugenio Caria aka SaffronKeira
is an Italian performing, electronic music producer originally from Sardinia Island. Caria was born in 1985 in Sassari, Italia. Since 2008 he has released more than 10 albums, EPs and remix under this alias name. His work utilizes differents acoustic instruments, analog equipment, computers and synthesizer, to blend melody with treated samples and post production. He lives and works in Castelsardo (Italy)

He has collaborated with a number of artists, including Paolo Fresu, Sebastian Plano (Grammy nominee), Siavash Amini, Mia Zabelka, Christhoph Berg, Claudio PRC, Pietro Sedda, Mustafa Sabbagh, Lisa Park and many others artists.

Currently release his records on the German label Denovali.

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