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Functional description of the HRA Streaming desktop app for Windows and MacOS:

Dashboard: If you click on the "Dashboard" you'll always come back to the start page of the app. Below the Dashboard you will find the navigation to the content of the app.

Charts: Under "Charts" you will find the most viewed and most popular playlists rated by all customers.

Playlists: Our music journalists, editors and Content Syndication staff create new playlists every week. Here you will find our newly added playlists such as "New Albums of the Week", "Recommended Playlists" or "Theme Playlists".

My Music: Under "My Music" you can assemble different tracks and albums to a bookmark list. You can always delete the added tracks and albums, add new ones and save them.

Create Playlists: Create your own playlist. You can edit, change and save your playlists at any time and create as many as you wish.

My Playlists: An overview of all the playlists that you have create.

My Albums: Under "My Albums" you can add favorite albums to a bookmark list. You can always delete the added albums, add new ones and save.

My Tracks: Under "My Titles" you can add favorite titles / tracks to a bookmark list. You can always delete the added tracks / tracks, add new ones and save them.

My Artists:Under "My Artists" you can put together your favorite artists, bands, etc. to a bookmark list. You can edit and save the watch list at any time.

Settings: Here you will find account details, sound output and the app version as well as legal information and the Imprint. You can NOT make any changes in the "Account Settings" (the data is only displayed here). To make changes, you need to go to the HRA Homepage (at the top left you will find "Account" if you are already logged-in. Otherwise please login). Under "Sound Output" select your sound card or DAC, that is connected via USB. All available and connected sound cards, DACs or any sound plug-ins are listed here. Select your preferred audio device. The app automatically remembers your selection. Under "App Version" you will find the latest version number of the app, legal information and the HRA Imprint.

Custom Filter: Through a filter, the content of our streaming app can be customized. When registering and subscribing, we ask for your gender, age, preferred artists, genres and moods. This profile is saved and the On/Off switch in the app, changes the content of the Streaming App as desired. In the HRA account settings, the content of the filter can be altered and saved at any time. Just play around with it. Maybe you'll find use for the custom-filter. The filter is turned off when installing the app. Only when all personal data has been entered and stored in the HRA account settings, than you can switch on the filter to discover your personalized content in the app.

Various Icons and Symbols:
Trash-can: delete tracks, albums, playlists
Music Note: Add tracks to the playlist
Heart: Add albums and tracks to "My Music"
Download button (off-line mode): The download of albums, tracks and playlists is currently not available. Only when our mobile app becomes available. Then you can synchronize a tracks, albums or playlists with your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, iPad).

Search: The search function offers many possibilities to browse through our archive. You can enter a free text in the hope that the result will be accurate and helpful or use our "Advanced Search" function. With the help of the "Advanced Search" you can refine your search queries and reduce the number of hits. You can determine in which categories you like to search. For example: artist, composer, genre, label, year, moods) and also combine several search terms if needed.

Genre: Open the Genre menu and select a Main Genre on the far left or a Sub-Genre on the right in the list. Once you've made a selection, the Genre menu closes and displays the search result.

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