Kissin‘ Dynamite – Back With a Bang!

Review Kissin‘ Dynamite – Back With a Bang!

Would you have guessed it? From the small Swabian towns of Burladingen and Münsingen comes one of the most interesting rock bands that the Ländle, the country and the genre currently have to offer. Apostrophised alternately as hard rock, glam rock, glam metal and heavy metal, aspects of all three categories can certainly be found in their music. But the actual genre has yet to be invented: Fun Rock.

The quintet led by brothers Ande and Hannes Braun has just released its eighth studio album: It's called Back With A Bang! and could be another success. This reflects the band's roots, as Kissi' Dynamite, having just been formed, won their first prize in a competition for school bands back in 2006. This had to be specially introduced as a special prize for the youngest band. Chapeau!

Since then, the boys have been under contract and making music. They play straightforwardly and with few frills and surprises. They get straight to the point, as the label advertises, but with an ingredient that is often missing from the perfectionist US bands and the more edgy English bands: noticeable rock.

It should also be noted that the English lyrics are not exactly brimming with linguistic originality. The stories they tell conform to the genre. But if you listen between the lines, you'll find a smile or two. Raise your Glass is a look back at the band's beginnings with a slight wink. Iconic as a declaration of love from the mouth of an astonished little man. Each of the twelve songs is fun to listen to in its own way.

The title track Back With A Bang! perfectly describes the dynamics and the album's convincing element of surprise. Another track, on the other hand, leaves you wondering: The Best Is Yet To Come - in relation to the album, the question is: what could possibly get any better?

Let's see what's still to come. In any case, Back With A Bang! is a first-class performance. (Thomas Semmler, HighResMac)


Kissin‘ Dynamite – Back With a Bang!

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