Márton Kovács, János Pilinszky – Urbi et Orbi HoppArt Society

Cover Márton Kovács, János Pilinszky – Urbi et Orbi

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Label: Hunnia Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: HoppArt Society

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  • Kovács, Pilinszky :
  • 1Urbi et Orbi, Overture08:22
  • 2Urbi et Orbi, I. Intermezzo01:39
  • 3Urbi et Orbi, I. Scene 05:49
  • 4Urbi et Orbi, II. Scene03:35
  • 5Urbi et Orbi, III. Scene 01:51
  • 6Urbi et Orbi, IV. Scene 02:22
  • 7Urbi et Orbi, V. Scene 08:56
  • 8Urbi et Orbi, VI. Scene 04:05
  • 9Urbi et Orbi, VII. Scene 04:06
  • 10Urbi et Orbi, VIII. Scene 03:27
  • 11Urbi et Orbi, IX. Scene 02:31
  • 12Urbi et Orbi, X. Scene02:08
  • 13Urbi et Orbi, II. Intermezzo 03:05
  • 14Urbi et Orbi, XI. Scene 04:09
  • 15Urbi et Orbi, Finale 03:38
  • Total Runtime59:43

Info for Márton Kovács, János Pilinszky – Urbi et Orbi

Chamber opera for singing actors and irregular chamber orchestra.

"Theatre is an association. We are reminded of things about 'things', sometimes sounds, sometimes melodies, spatial forms, images, that sort of thing. Pilinszky's text is the stone and HoppArt Society is the lake. We threw the stone into the lake.

"We are using János Pilinszky's text as a libretto, yet we are not creating an opera in the classical sense, because we are not alternating arias and recitatives, and yet all the time this is: music. Music and singing, text, letters, sounds and overtones."

Two Popes, one black and one white. One is the agonizing, dying Pope, the other the one to come. One on a black throne, the other on a white throne. The venue: the Vatican window overlooking St Peter's Square. The crowd is waiting in the square. They await the death of their Pope. They await the blessing. "Urbi et orbi" for the suffering of the flesh, "Urbi et orbi" for the city and the world, for the whole world. But what they get is something quite different. A miracle? A surprise? An unexpected turn of events? Is it God's revelation? Something." (Gábor Rusznyák, director of the chamber opera)

HoppArt Society:

Kata Szilágyi, (White Pope)
Diána Magdolna Kiss, (Black Pope)
Tamás Keresztény, (Cardinal)
Tamás Herczeg, (Sister)
Tamás Rozs, violoncello, vocals
Márta Murányi, accordion, vocals
József Szabó, piano, vocals
Árpád Némedi, dulcimer, vocals
Márton Kovács, violin, vocals
Diána Magdolna Kiss, flute

HoppArt Society
In the 12 years of its existence, music has become the most important trademark of HoppArt's performances. The company's founding members graduated from the first musical actor class at the Hungarian University of Theatre and Film Arts, in the class of Tamás Ascher and Eszter Novák. All the members of the company are professional prose actors, singers and instrumental musicians: they are equally open to classical theatre forms and to the breakdown of form. HoppArt represented an alternative musical theatre language that is rather neglected even among independent formations in Hungary.

Composer Márton Kovács has won the Best Theatre Music Award, founded by the theatre critics, six times.

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