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  • 1This is War04:03
  • 2Dead Among the Living04:52
  • 3Silver Tongue04:18
  • 4Sin After Sin06:42
  • 5Stay04:37
  • 6Holiday03:58
  • 7Fable of the Silent Son08:22
  • 8Season of Promise04:51
  • 9Last Man Standing05:33
  • 10Pawns & Kings06:18
  • Total Runtime53:34

Info for Pawns & Kings

Since 2004, acclaimed rockers ALTER BRIDGE have been known for their memorable riffs, infectious vocal melodies and dueling guitar attack that has garnered them critical and fan acclaim around the globe. Now the quartet comprised of Myles Kennedy on vocals/guitars, Mark Tremonti on guitars/vocals, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums are back with their most-aggressive collection of songs to date. The band’s seventh album Pawns & Kings is scheduled for worldwide release on October 14 via Napalm Records.

Pawns & Kings is comprised of 10 all-new epic tracks that are sure to garner the band new fans around the globe while satiating their fervent supporters that have been patiently waiting for new music from the band. Pawns & Kings found ALTER BRIDGE reuniting with longtime collaborator and producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette to create a collection of memorable new additions to band’s impressive catalog.

From the opening riffs of “This Is War” to the title track album closer “Pawns & Kings,” ALTER BRIDGE returns with an album of intense tracks that were born after the cycle for their last album was cut short by the global pandemic. Songs like “Dead Among The Living,” “Silver Tongue” and “Holiday” showcase the signature songwriting the band is known for. The album offers numerous epic adventures, with three songs clocking in over six minutes each. The opus “Fable Of The Silent Son” clocks in 8:29 and is the longest recorded song in the band’s catalog – a distinction held by “Blackbird” until now. Mark Tremonti steps out of his backing vocal role to take the lead on “Stay,” an introspective ballad that is sure to become a fan favorite live.

"The number seven is often symbolic of perfection and completion. It seems fitting that “Pawns and Kings” is the band’s seventh studio album. It is a perfect follow-up to “Walk the Sky” and is a complete representation of the band’s eighteen-year career. You can tell they worked hard on this one, and that they had fun recording it. “Pawns and Kings” is dynamic and without equal. If the genre is a game of chess, Alter Bridge just said ‘checkmate.’" (Alan Ronson,

"Atmospheric, rather dark, powerful and epic, this is how the song presents itself to the listener and manages to inspire the audience. This track is definitely a highlight on the album and at the same time shows the versatility that defines Alter Bridge. ‘Diversity’, that is a good cue. ‘Pawns & Kings’ in its entirety is extremely rich in variety. No song is like the other and yet it is the typical trademarks that tie everything together. Alter Bridge had released only good to very good albums so far. This continues with ‘Pawns & Kings’. Their new longplayer is the most mature and varied in the band’s 18-year history and you can already look forward to seeing the guys live on stage again." (

Myles Kennedy, vocals, guitare
Mark Tremonti, guitar
Brian Marshall, bass
Scott Phillips, drums

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