Willi Ostermann: Kölsche Tön und Rheinische Lieder Junge Philharmonie Köln & Volker Hartung

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Label: JPK Musik

Genre: Easy Listening

Subgenre: Swing

Artist: Junge Philharmonie Köln & Volker Hartung

Composer: Willi Ostermann

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  • 11. Dem Schmitz sin Frau ist durchgebrannt03:23
  • 22. Die Höhnerfarm vum Zilla!02:40
  • 33. Kutt erop! Kutt erop! Kutt erop!03:05
  • 44. Die Mösch03:46
  • 55. Bei de Kämmelings – do geiht de Dühr nit op03:05
  • 66. Kölsche Mädcher künne bütze... .03:16
  • 77. Adelche – Adelche!03:53
  • 88. Su schön wor et noch nie! (Su schön wie augenblicklich)04:08
  • 99. Och wat wor dat fröher schön doch en Colonia (1930)05:11
  • 1010. Rötsch mer jet, Angenies, rötsch mer doch jet04:14
  • 1111. Nä – ich mag Dich nit mie03:10
  • 1212. Wenn du eine Schwiegermutter hast! (1928)03:51
  • 1313. Woröm solle mir ald en de Heija gonn .03:24
  • 1414. Einmal am Rhein04:28
  • 1515. Denn einmal nur im Jahr ist Karneval02:55
  • 1616. Dröm loß mer noch ens schunkele!03:36
  • 1717. Da wo die sieben Berge02:13
  • 1818. Heimweh nach Köln04:49
  • Total Runtime01:05:07

Info for Willi Ostermann: Kölsche Tön und Rheinische Lieder

DANCE AND SWING of the "ROARING TWENTIES" The Junge Philharmonie Köln with their conductor Volker Hartung invite you to a journey back in time to the 'Golden Twenties' and their ingenious swing music from Broadway to Berlin. They delved into the playing style and sound aesthetics of the time and they play the best hits of the swing era from the original arrangements in a unique playing style. The first half of the concert will feature a selection of racy foxtrots and tangos from the "Golden Twenties" - swing music at its best - from Broadway to Berlin...

Together with the well-known singers Claudia Engels and Peter Schmitz-Hellwing, the Junge Philharmonie Köln will then play music that is rarely heard in its original version today, but is as familiar to many Rhinelanders as Christmas carols.

Willi Ostermann is the poet and composer of Cologne par excellence. His songs are still the most important part of all carnival and local celebrations, wherever Cologne tradition is alive and well.

"Kölsche Mädcher künne bütze...", "Heimweh nach Köln" (I want to go to Fooss noh Kölle), "Die Mösch" and many others are not only sung along by Rhinelanders, they are already part of the repertoire of anyone who comes to the centre of German Carnival as a guest. In the original version, that is, played by a salon orchestra based on original scores by the great homeland poet and folk singer.

For the interested audience, the Junge Philharmonie has come up with an exciting programme together with the well-known Cologne carnivalist, presenter, author and Cologne connoisseur Reinold Louis. Reinold Louis has a lot to tell about Willi Ostermann, there will be singing, music and lots of laughter.

"The most important goal of the project is to take people on a journey through time. To the time when it was so beautiful in Cologne and on the Rhine..."

Young Philharmonic Orchestra Cologne
Volker Hartung, conductor

Volker Hartung
has been Principal Conductor of the Cologne New Philharmonic since 1986 and has appeared with the Orchestra at numerous international Music Festivals and extensive concert tours throughout the world.

Maestro Hartung furthermore conducted performances and productions with MDR Radio Orchestra Leipzig, the St.Petersburg Phil- harmonic Orchestra, the Bulgarian Philharmonic Orchestra in Sofia and the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra.

His several decades of experience as an independent orchestra manager have taught him how to form orchestras and make them financially and artistically viable in the face of various obstacles. He is able to perform a very wide ranging, extremely rich repertoire that is unspecialized and often combining different genres, like film and light music with the classical repertory. His lectures on music history and performance technique are internationally renowned.

He intensely studied the tradition of German symphonic and operatic repertoire. Under the influence of the conductors Eugenie Mravinsky and Sergiu Celibidache, Hartung developed a special understanding of the French, German and Russian musical styles. He was particular impressed by Arturo Toscanini and his influence on the American musical scene.

The atmosphere and professionalism of musical training there was taken by Hartung as model for linking the spirituality of European music with the practical discipline and faithfulness of the American musical approach.

In his early years he was a solo viola player and chamber musician in professional circles. He then proved his ability as a conductor, artistic director, and orchestra manager.

As a result, he has at his disposal an extensive repertory that is continually growing and that he passes on to his musicians in in- tense rehearsals and unforgettable concert events. In place of the widespread tendency towards specialization, Hartung offers his musicians a comprehensive musical program. In addition to the historical, dramatic and symphonic traditions of western music, Hartung also devotes his energy to musical theatre and audiovisual media.

Since 2015 he also is Principal Conductor and Music Director of the Zhuhai Philharmonic Orchestra in China.

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