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FLAC 96 $ 13.20
  • 1Give05:39
  • 2Idol; RE-run03:31
  • 3I, Catallus.03:50
  • 4CSI: Petralona04:25
  • 5Help Didn't Help At All03:37
  • 6A Lens Turning06:38
  • 7Take03:39
  • 8An Inbuilt Fault06:45
  • 9Pilot Was A Dancer06:18
  • Total Runtime44:22

Info for An Inbuilt Fault

"Westerman — the London-born, Athens-based pop maverick — has returned with his new album, ‘An Inbuilt Fault’.

The album's nine songs took shape throughout the depths of the pandemic and soundtrack Westerman’s reckoning with two years of intense isolation, loneliness, heartbreak, and dread. The phrase “an inbuilt fault” itself is an examination of the inherent and innate flaws that make us human – a visceral response to Westerman’s disillusionment with AI and social media during this time period.

Through it all, the album is visceral and live-sounding, full of the sound of breath and the idiosyncratic gestures of acoustic instruments. It creates a spatial feeling, sounding like musicians assembled in a room, passing evolving ideas back and forth. Co-produced with producer and percussionist James Krivchenia (Big Thief), and featuring an extended crew of Los Angeles associates, 'An Inbuilt Fault' exhibits music that is heavier and more sonically daring than Westerman’s previous releases, and it is the most adventurous and unselfconscious songwriting of Will Westerman’s career.

‘An Inbuilt Fault’ follows Westerman’s acclaimed 2020 debut ‘Your Hero Is Not Dead,’ a graceful and self-reflective project which earned him a spot as one of the most talked about new artists of the year thanks to profiles from Pitchfork (‘Rising’), Stereogum (‘Artist To Watch’), and Rolling Stone (‘Artist You Need To Know’)."

William Westerman, vocals, drum programming, synths, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass
Mikel Patrick Avery, percussion
Erin Birgy, vocals
Mat Davidson, bass, vocals, violin, piano, synth, acoustic guitar, pedal steel
Robin Eubanks, trombone
James Krivchenia, drum programming, synth, drumset, percussion, beatboxing
Ben Reed, bass
Gibi Dos Santos, percussion
Booker Stardrum, percussion
Luke Temple, piano, electric guitar, synth, bass
Joseph McGrail, piano

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