The Art of Fugue BWV-1080 Unamas Fugue Quintet

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Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Unamas Fugue Quintet

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):
  • 1Contrapunctus 0103:17
  • 2Contrapunctus 0202:51
  • 3Contrapunctus 0302:51
  • 4Contrapunctus 04 04:16
  • 5Contrapunctus 05 02:56
  • 6Contrapunctus 06 a 4 in Stylo Franchese04:43
  • 7Contrapunctus 07 a 4 per Augmentationem et Diminutionem03:44
  • 8Contrapunctus 08 a 3 06:43
  • 9Contrapunctus 09 a 4 alla Duodecima02:27
  • 10Contrapunctus 10 a 4 alla Decima03:56
  • 11Contrapunctus 11 a 4 Triple fugue05:50
  • 12Contrapunctus 12 a 4 rectus02:30
  • 13Contrapunctus 12 a 4 inversus 02:30
  • 14Contrapunctus 13 a 3 rectus02:27
  • 15Contrapunctus 13 a 3 inversus02:27
  • 16Contrapunctus 14 07:45
  • Total Runtime01:01:13

Info for The Art of Fugue BWV-1080

“The art of Fugue” appears as the second release in the classical series produced by Mick Sawaguchi: The winner of 22nd Japan Professional Music Recording Award, High-Res Section, Multi-channel surround content

Following Vivaldi’s Four Seasons that marked an exceptional long hit in the sales record upon its release, here come the second: Mick Sawaguchi continued his recording session in Ohga Hall, Karuizawa, and the latest production is “The Art of Fugue”, the final masterwork of J. S. Bach. Yoichi Tsuchiya has made this difficult work into an amazing arrangement of string quartet with an additional contrabass. With this world’s first challenge, the impression of “the Art of Fugue” is completely renewed by Mick.

The ultimately highest technologies/equipment have been employed in the session such as MADI optical, Neumann KM-133D digital mics, and Acoustic Revive’s mic cables, and you will enjoy the most advanced high-res sound.

Unamas Fugue Quintet

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