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  • 1Hotel in Memphis (Live from the Treehouse)04:25
  • 2Can't Stop Loving You (Live from the Treehouse)03:51
  • 39beat (Live from the Treehouse)04:22
  • 4adore u (Live from the Treehouse)03:47
  • 5Crawl Back In (Live from the Treehouse)03:02
  • Total Runtime19:27

Info for Live from the Treehouse

Pulsating with a rhythmic edge, the electrifying live rendition, featuring a string quartet and dynamic percussion, is a thrilling journey through alternative music. This eclectic and wild interpretation takes their rootsy sound to new heights, seamlessly fusing the raw energy of indie rock with intricate orchestration.

Since Half Moon Run’s last album, 2019’s A Blemish in the Great Light, the band has put out three releases—two EPs and a collection of reworked “isolation versions” of older songs. Heading into this new chapter, the latest release and upcoming album sees the band returning to their original, founding lineup of three, with multi-instrumentalist Isaac Symond’s recent departure of the band for new adventures on the west coast. Half Moon Run is moving forward with Portielje and multi-instrumentalists Conner Molander and Dylan Phillips.

Devon Portielje, lead vocals, guitar
Conner Molander, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Dylan Phillips, drums, piano, backing vocals

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Half Moon Run
collaborative power has remained constant and unsuppressed during their twelve years together. Beauty and sadness; harmony and menace; despair and groove - the blending of contrasting moods is a trademark of the band’s writing, and on this new record they’ve managed to push their own limits of musical chemistry. Salt sees them revisiting the site of their bond’s first forging, bringing new light to musical visions they’ve carried with them since the beginning. Equally, the album reaches into the future, featuring songs penned during the pandemic which explore the all-permeating anxieties of the current moment. Digging deeper, there’s evidence of a spiritual quest of sorts at the roots of Salt, which effectively translates into a budding sentiment of hope.

Half Moon Run’s ability to breathe new life into ideas that’ve been with them since the start has been bolstered by the vision of ascendant producer Connor Seidel, with whom the band previously collaborated on the song “Fatal Line” on Seidel’s concept album '1969.' Salt was largely created at Seidel’s Treehouse Studio—an idyllic escape north of Montreal where the band’s sketches had space to grow and take form. Seidel encouraged the band to dive deep into their rich archives.

“While making this record, it felt as if we were boiling down a huge cauldron of musical ideas, trying to reduce it to something elemental. What we were left with was Salt,” notes the band’s Conner Molander.

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