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Label: Bright Shiny Things

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Medieval

Artist: Alkemie

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  • Elena Mullins Bailey, Anonymous:
  • 1Bailey, Anonymous (Oxford Douce 308 MS 29987): E, bone amourette / La rotta della Manfredina03:16
  • Anonymous:
  • 2Anonymous (Chansonnier Clairambault): Por mon cuer a joie atraire05:46
  • 3Anonymous (Chansonnier du Roi): La tierche estampie02:48
  • Pieros Liborgnes de Lille:
  • 4Pieros Liborgnes de Lille (Chansonnier du Roi): Li louseignolz que j’ai chanter07:16
  • Anonymous:
  • 5Anonymous (Montpellier Codex): Li maus amourous / Dieus, por quoi / (Portare)03:16
  • 6Anonymous (Chansonnier du Roi): La septime estampie real03:33
  • 7Anonymous (Montpellier Codex): Joliement / Quant voi / Je sui joliete / (Aptatur)01:31
  • 8Anonymous (Montpellier Codex): Dieus, de chanter / Chant d’oisiaus / (In seculum)03:45
  • 9Anonymous (Chansonnier du Roi): La seconde estampie royal03:15
  • 10Anonymous (Chansonnier dit de Noailles): Nus ne set / (Regnat) / Duskes ci ai plus amors honoree / (Regnat)02:14
  • 11Anonymous (MS X ff. 65v-66r): Bele doette as fenestres se siet09:11
  • 12Anonymous (Montpellier Codex): La joliveté / Douce amiete / (V)02:24
  • 13Richard de Semilly (Paris BN f. fr. 845): L’autrier chevauchoie delez Paris06:01
  • Total Runtime54:16

Info for Love to My Liking

Continuing the tradition of the troubadours, the trouvères of Northern France wrote some of the most captivating vocal music of the 13th century. Their songs of public and private adoration wove together allusions both sacred and secular—creating mystical and spicy meditations on love and longing, punctuated by repeating refrains that recur across songs and texts. Alkemie reimagines these courtly love lyrics for our time, transforming songs typically sung for and written by men into passionate evocations by female singers. The lush musical textures are equally informed by historical performance practice, bluegrass, old time, and Celtic music, creating an alien yet familiar soundscape that bridges the past and present.

Tracy Cowart, Vocals, Harp, Percussion
Ben Matus, Hümmelchen
David McCormick, Fidel (Vielle)
Elena Mullins Bailey, Vocals, Percussion, Lyre
Sian Ricketts, vocals, recorder, douçaine
Niccolo Seligmann, Fidel (Vielle), Psaltery, Viola A Chiavi, Logs, Grids, Percussion
Adrienne Lotto, Vocals
Ellie Sutherland,Vocals

is passionate about exploring and celebrating the vibrant and timeless sounds of the past. Our musical journey transports us to the enchanting world of medieval court and folk music, and we are fervently committed to dismantling the barriers that have traditionally separated these two domains from each other and from the present.

Founded in 2013, Alkemie calls Brooklyn home, but our music knows no bounds. In addition to our New York City concert series, we've had the privilege of gracing stages at esteemed events like the Amherst Early Music Festival, Arizona Early Music Society, Cambridge Society for Early Music, Capitol Early Music Series, Five Boroughs Music Festival, Johns Hopkins Program in Arts, Humanities & Health, Music Before 1800, and San Francisco Early Music.

Equally passionate about recording, we curated, composed, and recorded music for the video game Pentiment, and will be releasing multiple new albums in the 2023-24 season including the much-anticipated "A Fine Companion," a collaborative endeavor with our sister ensemble, Freelance Nun.

Alkemie has been in residence at Fairmont State University and members have designed workshops and educational outreach programs for the Capitol Early Music Series, Ramaz High School (NYC), Fordham University, Case Western Reserve University, the Strathmore Arts Center, Amherst Early Music Festival, Pinewoods, the Baroque Performance Institute at Oberlin, and through the Early Music Access Project.

Time travel with us to look at our [current day] future through the telescope of the past and be inspired by alternative realities — we can't wait to share this journey with you!

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