Pretty In The Dark Cold Hart

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Label: Epitaph

Genre: Hip-Hop

Subgenre: Alternative

Artist: Cold Hart

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  • 1201702:36
  • 2Candlelight Pt. 202:42
  • 3Rap Show02:18
  • 4Bag of Hearts02:40
  • 5What Remains02:56
  • 6Pretty In The Dark03:40
  • 7TSOM02:46
  • 8Gazer03:13
  • 9Bold Riley03:21
  • 10My Tasks Alone03:06
  • 11Bottle Run Dry02:32
  • 12Light Headed02:13
  • Total Runtime34:03

Info for Pretty In The Dark

Cold Hart is set to release his sixth studio project, Pretty In The Dark. As one of the co-founders of the GOTHBOICLIQUE collective, alongside artists like Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Lil Peep, Fish Narc, YAWNS, and Lil Tracy, Cold Hart played a pivotal role in shaping a bold fusion of emo and hip hop. This unique blend infused a contemporary production sensibility into guitar riffs and samples, evoking a sense of instant nostalgia for those who grew up listening to bands like Linkin Park and Blink-182. In Pretty In The Dark, Cold Hart showcases his versatility by exploring dreamy guitars, energetic grooves, and lively pop-punk riffs, transitioning towards an Alternative/ Indie Rock sound. Through numerous releases, his musical evolution has led him to hone in on traditional songwriting, aligning more closely with the influences of his formative years--whether it's the stylings of The Cure or Depeche Mode. These new tracks received a positive reception during Cold Hart's extensive US summer tour, where he captivated fans while sharing the stage with The Drums.

Cold Hart

Cold Hart
Under the pseudonym Cold Hart, Jerick “Jay” Quilisadio has consistently been on the cutting edge of alternative hip-hop as a vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Singing in a low baritone, Cold Hart sets a cinematic scene with his emotionally charged lyrics that touch upon heartbreak, self-medication, and depression. By pairing components of rap with seemingly unrelated genres like emo, gothic rock, and even country, Cold Hart has become an innovator of genre-defying music.

Born and raised in the coastal city of Long Beach, California, Cold Hart was seldom seen without a skateboard in his hand. He would play records by post-punk’s Nick Cave or the Cure just as often as he would listen to rappers Speaker Knockerz and Chief Keef. With an increased interest in music, Cold Hart taught himself both the guitar and how to produce in FL Studio.

By utilizing a wide range of distinctive samples, Cold Hart initially distinguished himself in the underground rap scene by producing under the alias Jayyeah. He would integrate sub-divided hi-hats with europop melodies just as seamlessly as he would layer trap 808s over emo-rock guitar progressions. In 2013, Cold Hart became a member of some of SoundCloud’s most influential collectives, including Team SESH and Thraxxhouse.

The following year, Cold Hart co-founded another renowned collective, GothBoiClique. It was Cold Hart who officially titled the group after sending a beat with the same name to co-founder Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. Starting in 2015, Cold Hart began to release a slew of singles and definitive vocal mixtapes such as OC Season 1 & 2 and Downer, which helped surpass his distinction as solely a producer. Today, GothBoiClique sits at ten members, including Lil Tracy, Wicca Phase, Fish Narc, Yawns, Horse Head, and the late Lil Peep.

In 2018, Cold Hart strayed away from sampling entirely on his acclaimed EP Wish Me Well, opting instead to incorporate live instrumentation with producer Yawns. Shortly after, the two released their smash hit “Eyes,” which features Cold Hart’s cousin and fellow vocalist Rawska. Heading into 2019 with an extensive discography, Cold Hart’s listeners eagerly await his full-length debut studio album Good Morning Cruel World, which combines melodic elements of indie, post-punk, and hip-hop. — Jack Angell

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