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Label: PentaTone

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

Artist: Lyric Opera of Kansas City & Gerard Schwarz

Composer: Paul Moravec (1957)

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  • Paul Moravec (b. 1957): The Shining, Act I:
  • 1Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Danny! Danny! Don't run.01:20
  • 2Moravec: The Shining, Act I: There it is01:06
  • 3Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Think of it-- the three of us01:43
  • 4Moravec: The Shining, Act I: So it begins01:18
  • 5Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Interlude 101:01
  • 6Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Ninety-nine guest quarters00:56
  • 7Moravec: The Shining, Act I: The Overlook has a great and honorable past01:49
  • 8Moravec: The Shining, Act I: A word with you, Mr. Torrance02:01
  • 9Moravec: The Shining, Act I: All will be fine03:03
  • 10Moravec: The Shining, Act I: This basement gives me the willies01:50
  • 11Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Here we are02:15
  • 12Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Hey Doc--how hard can you hit?03:34
  • 13Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Interlude 200:54
  • 14Moravec: The Shining, Act I: So there we had to stay01:13
  • 15Moravec: The Shining, Act I: I never stopped loving you03:31
  • 16Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Hey, Mr. Shakespeare01:59
  • 17Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Bad stuff. Bad.01:18
  • 18Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Time for bed, my child02:30
  • 19Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Daddy, you'd never hurt Mommy, would you?00:50
  • 20Moravec: The Shining, Act I: She creeps.00:56
  • 21Moravec: The Shining, Act I: What have we here?01:22
  • 22Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Here we go...02:48
  • 23Moravec: The Shining, Act I: But who kept the scrapbook...01:37
  • 24Moravec: The Shining, Act I: God, what a story! One hell of a story!01:43
  • 25Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Doc, you always know01:55
  • 26Moravec: The Shining, Act I: BOO!00:45
  • 27Moravec: The Shining, Act I: What's this?00:49
  • 28Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Jack, maybe we should reconsider01:50
  • 29Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Interlude 301:08
  • 30Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Jack? What was that?02:07
  • 31Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Hold on, Jacky Boy, hold on03:08
  • 32Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Just as I thought. A short circuit.01:42
  • 33Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Interlude 401:29
  • 34Moravec: The Shining, Act I: there?00:53
  • 35Moravec: The Shining, Act I: KILL HIM00:40
  • 36Moravec: The Shining, Act I: Jack?01:16
  • 37Moravec: The Shining, Act I: DANNY!01:36
  • 38Moravec: The Shining, Act I: I am the husband. I am the father.02:42
  • The Shining, Act II:
  • 39Moravec: The Shining, Act II: She creeps.03:05
  • 40Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Here you are, Mr. Torrance.01:54
  • 41Moravec: The Shining, Act II: We husbands and fathers...02:18
  • 42Moravec: The Shining, Act II: All that snow!01:04
  • 43Moravec: The Shining, Act II: They got him!00:39
  • 44Moravec: The Shining, Act II: All will be fine, Doc.02:46
  • 45Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Where is Daddy right now?01:05
  • 46Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Scene 3: introduction00:25
  • 47Moravec: The Shining, Act II: What will it be, Mr. Torrance?01:28
  • 48Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Three, Two, Three...Unmask, unmask01:18
  • 49Moravec: The Shining, Act II: And now, dear friends...02:09
  • 50Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Jack--are you here?02:30
  • 51Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Scene 4: introduction00:29
  • 52Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Doc, hurry, get the lock.01:21
  • 53Moravec: The Shining, Act II: No need to shout, old fellow.01:39
  • 54Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Go fish.01:36
  • 55Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Bye, baby Bunting00:42
  • 56Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Thought you'd lock me in01:07
  • 57Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Danny! Where are you!00:39
  • 58Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Get to her later.01:08
  • 59Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Mr. Torrance?00:39
  • 60Moravec: The Shining, Act II: I'm in charge01:05
  • 61Moravec: The Shining, Act II: You said never forget...00:52
  • 62Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Very bad work, Mr. Torrance.00:35
  • 63Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Three, two…three, two…three, three, etc.00:37
  • 64Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Hurry--do something!00:48
  • 65Moravec: The Shining, Act II: I'm afraid it's too late, gentlemen.03:05
  • 66Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Thought I'd stop by on my break02:09
  • 67Moravec: The Shining, Act II: Catching much, Doc?00:35
  • 68Moravec: The Shining, Act II: These woeful days03:20
  • Total Runtime01:47:44

Info for The Shining

World Premiere Recording: Horror Opera and Human Drama - Lyric Opera of Kansas City presents the world-premiere recording of Paul Moravec and Mark Campbell’s opera The Shining (2016). Based on the novel by Stephen King, this opera “elevates the tale from horror story to a human drama” (The Wall Street Journal) thanks to Moravec’s atmospheric, electrifying score and Campbell’s deft libretto. While staged performances have received critical and public acclaim, this engaging masterpiece can now be enjoyed as a recording for the first time.

“Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shining’ is naturally operatic: it sings. The story strikingly dramatizes three of the most basic elements of opera — love, death, and power.

Despite the paranormal activity and high-voltage action, it’s a human story about an ordinary family fighting to survive in terrifying circumstances. Mark integrates these essential elements and much more in a libretto of masterly structure and poetic elegance.” (Paul Moravec)

This opera by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul Moravec and Pulitzer Prize-winning librettist Mark Campbell (Silent Night, Lyric Opera, 2015; As One, Lyric Opera, 2018; The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, Lyric Opera, 2022) was met with critical acclaim. The all-star cast included Edward Parks and Kelly Kaduce. Making his Lyric Opera of Kansas City debut, Gerard Schwarz, the internationally renowned, highly respected, and award-winning (14 GRAMMY Awards and eight Emmy® Awards) American conductor, conducted the Kansas City Symphony. Baritone Aubrey Allicock, baritone Malcolm MacKenzie, and tenor Roger Honeywell also made their Lyric Opera debuts.

Edward Parks, baritone
Kelly Kaduce, soprano
Tristan Hallett, soprano
Aubrey Allicock, baritone
Malcolm MacKenzie, baritone
Kansas City Symphony
Piotr Wiśniewski, choirmaster and assistant conductor
Gerard Schwarz, conductor

Gerard Schwarz
serves as Music Director of the All-Star Orchestra, Eastern Music Festival, Palm Beach Symphony, and Mozart Orchestra of New York. Schwarz is Conductor Laureate of Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Emeritus of the Mostly Mozart Festival, Distinguished Professor of Music; Conducting and Orchestral Studies of the Frost School of Music, and Music Director of the Frost Symphony Orchestra. He has led productions with Seattle Opera, San Francisco Opera, Washington National Opera, Juilliard Opera, and Mariinsky Opera. He has received hundreds of honors and accolades including eight Emmy Awards, 14 GRAMMY nominations, eight ASCAP Founders Awards, and the Ditson Conductor’s Award.

Lyric Opera of Kansas City
Established in 1958, Lyric Opera of Kansas City is one of the world’s premier regional opera companies and brings high-quality live operatic performances to the Kansas City region. Renowned for its dedication to excellence, Lyric Opera presents a diverse repertoire featuring original language productions from the traditional opera canon alongside contemporary and American operas. Lyric Opera is committed to lifelong learning through robust education, family, and community engagement programming. Through innovative initiatives and commissions, these programs deepen humanistic connections, artistic literacy, and social-emotional learning. Lyric Opera of Kansas City remains an integral part of the cultural fabric of Kansas City and the surrounding region.

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