The Asylum Albums (1972-1975) (2022 Remaster) Joni Mitchell

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  • 1Banquet (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:04
  • 2Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:17
  • 3Barangrill (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:53
  • 4Lesson In Survival (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:11
  • 5Let The Wind Carry Me (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:55
  • 6For The Roses (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:47
  • 7See You Sometime (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:00
  • 8Electricity (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:03
  • 9You Turn Me On I'm A Radio (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:39
  • 10Blonde In The Bleachers (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:42
  • 11Woman Of Heart And Mind (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:38
  • 12Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)05:31
  • 13Court And Spark (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:45
  • 14Help Me (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:22
  • 15Free Man In Paris (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:02
  • 16People's Parties (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:18
  • 17Same Situation (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:54
  • 18Car On A Hill (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:59
  • 19Down To You (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)05:38
  • 20Just Like This Train (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:23
  • 21Raised On Robbery (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:06
  • 22Trouble Child (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:59
  • 23Twisted (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)02:26
  • 24You Turn Me On I'm A Radio (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)04:18
  • 25Big Yellow Taxi (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)03:12
  • 26Rainy Night House (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)04:04
  • 27Woodstock (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)04:29
  • 28Cactus Tree (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)05:00
  • 29Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)05:38
  • 30Woman Of Heart And Mind (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)03:45
  • 31A Case Of You (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)04:36
  • 32Blue (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)02:54
  • 33Circle Game (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)07:16
  • 34People's Parties (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)02:49
  • 35All I Want (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)03:32
  • 36Real Good For Free (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)04:37
  • 37Both Sides Now (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)04:22
  • 38Carey (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)04:14
  • 39The Last Time I Saw Richard (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)04:18
  • 40Jericho (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)03:38
  • 41Love Or Money (Live) [2022 Remaster] (2022 Remaster)05:14
  • 42In France They Kiss On Main Street (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:19
  • 43The Jungle Line (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:25
  • 44Edith And The Kingpin (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:38
  • 45Don't Interrupt The Sorrow (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:05
  • 46Shades Of Scarlett Conquering (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:59
  • 47The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:00
  • 48The Boho Dance (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:58
  • 49Harry's House/Centerpiece (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)06:38
  • 50Sweet Bird (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:12
  • 51Shadows And Light (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:18
  • Total Runtime03:18:00

Info for The Asylum Albums (1972-1975) (2022 Remaster)

Joni Mitchell was at a turning point 50 years ago. After making four acclaimed albums with Reprise Records, including her 1971 masterpiece Blue, she left the label to join the brand-new Asylum Records in 1972. Over the next seven years, Mitchell would record some of the most acclaimed music of her career while changing her musical direction by adding more jazz elements into her songwriting. The evolution culminated in 1979 with Mingus, her collaboration with jazz titan Charles Mingus, and her last studio album for Asylum.

Rhino explores the beginning of that prolific era with THE ASYLUM ALBUMS (1972-1975), the next installment in the Joni Mitchell Archives series. The collection features newly remastered versions of For The Roses (1972), Court And Spark (1974), the double live album Miles Of Aisles (1974), and The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (1975). All four were recently remastered by Bernie Grundman.

The cover art for THE ASYLUM ALBUMS (1972-1975) features a previously unseen painting by Mitchell. The set also includes an essay by friend and fellow Canadian Neil Young. He writes: “Joni’s music is so deep and transporting. She comes right from the source. There is no mistaking it…For The Roses, Court And Spark, Miles Of Aisles, and The Hissing Of Summer Lawns…are all classics in my book. I listened to every album as it came out. The musicians she played with were always above my abilities. She had grown from folk to jazz and in between, creating a unique kind of sound that I loved to listen to over and over.”

THE ASYLUM ALBUMS (1972-1975) follows Mitchell’s musical evolution over four albums as she embraced more jazz-inspired pieces and moved away from the folk and pop of her early years. It includes essential tracks like her first Top 40 hit, “You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio,” and her highest-charting (#7) single “Help Me,” plus favorites like “Free Man In Paris,” “Raised On Robbery” and “In France They Kiss On Main Street.”

For The Roses, released 50 years ago this November, was certified gold and added to the Library of Congress's National Recording Registry in 2007. Court And Spark topped the U.S. album chart and was certified double platinum, making it the best-selling album of Mitchell’s career. It was nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, and won Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist for “Down To You.”

Miles Of Aisles is a double live album that spotlights the tour for Court And Spark. It reached #2 on the album chart and was certified gold. The Hissing Of Summer Lawns was certified gold as well, peaking at #4 on the album chart and earning a Grammy® Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

The new collection heralds the upcoming release of JONI MITCHELL ARCHIVES VOL. 3, which will arrive next year. It will be the third installment in the comprehensive archival series exploring different eras of Mitchell’s celebrated career through unreleased studio and live recordings. VOL. 3 will focus on the timeframe when she recorded the albums included in THE ASYLUM ALBUMS (1972-1975).

Mitchell continues to be intimately involved in producing these collections, lending her vision and personal touch to every element of the projects. Future releases in the archive series will arrive in a similar manner, with a boxed set focused on studio albums from a specific era, followed by an official “Archives” release looking at unreleased audio from the same period.

Joni Mitchell

Digitally remastered

Joni Mitchell began as the archetype of the folkie female singer-songwriter, an heir to Joan Baez. But she quickly moved forward, incorporating influences from jazz and the blues. 'Joni Mitchell heard Billie Holiday sing 'Solitude' when she was about nine years old — and she hasn't been the same since,' says Herbie Hancock. Those lessons of emotional vulnerability are evident in her delicate soprano trill, as well as in the undisguised wear of the sultry voice of her later work, punctuated by her jazzy syncopation. 'Joni's got a strange sense of rhythm that's all her own,' Bob Dylan told Rolling Stone. Above all, Mitchell won't be boxed in. 'The way she phrases always serves the lyrics perfectly, and yet her phrasing can be different every time,' Hancock says. 'She's a fighter for freedom.' (Source: Rolling Stone Magazine)

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