DNA molecule in a million of dimensions Space Of Variations

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  • 1DNA molecule in a million of dimensions03:26
  • 2IMAGO03:17
  • 3vein.mp303:54
  • 4SOMEONE ELSE03:26
  • 5ULTRABEAT (feat. alyona alyona)03:20
  • Total Runtime17:23

Info for DNA molecule in a million of dimensions

Ukrainian band, Space Of Variations, never faces defeat. Despite all odds and the horrors the war caused in their home country, the band is locked and loaded to release their new single, “DNA Molecule In A Million Of Dimensions”, along with an official video. The unstoppable four-piece convinces with an exciting, high-energy modern sound, providing a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming album, Imago, out September 23 via Napalm Records - proving they are truly irrepressible.

Electrifying “DNA Molecule In A Million Of Dimensions” transcends between colorful electronics, brutalizing vocals and trance-like synth - exploring elements of djent, hip-hop and even hyperpop influence along the way. Just like their thrilling and undeniably fresh second studio album, Imago, the single exceeds all expectations, leaving listeners wanting for more.

The band on “DNA Molecule In A Million Of Dimensions”: “We choose the track 'DNA' because it’s heavy, dark and hypnotic sound mirrors the sad state of our feelings personally during these dark times as individuals and for the country we live in. The war has revealed so many things about our lives and have stripped down our every day lives right down to the last molecule. We have come to accept this new reality but will do everything in our power to come out better versions of ourselves in the end…”

Dmytro Kozhukhar, vocals
Olexii Zatserkovnyi, guitar, vocals
Anton Kasatkin, bass
Tymofii Kasatkin, drums

Space Of Variations
An inherently essential band of the contemporary underground modern metal scene. Thanks to their intense work and tenacity, this band was shot out of their Ukrainian homeland to prove that their original music should be part of the international music scene. Their "never give up" attitude has seen them take to the stages, playing alongside bands such as Architects, Eskimo Callboy and Adept and releasing several singles themselves. Highlights include the LP Mind Darknet, which contains the fantastic single "Tibet", which has over 400k views on YouTube and has caught the attention of fans and people revolving around the music industry. The band Space Of Variations was also noticed by fellow musicians from their home country, Jinjer, and invited them to join their European tour, which gave them the opportunity to perform in front of 30 thousand fans in five weeks. Ukrainian powerhouse Space Of Variations explore interesting sonic nooks and crannies and win over listeners by engulfing them with the various moods contained in the melodies and lyrics, experiencing everything from brutal and uncompromising moments to emotionally charged ones.

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