Contigo J. Bernardt

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Label: Play It Again Sam

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: J. Bernardt

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  • 1Rio01:00
  • 2Taxi03:45
  • 3Don't Get Me Wrong03:19
  • 4Last Waltz02:45
  • 5Contigo03:39
  • 6Matter Of Time04:40
  • 7Mayday Call03:20
  • 8Left Bathroom Sink05:25
  • 9I'm The Ghost You Forgot03:41
  • 10Our Love Was Easy02:43
  • 11Free05:35
  • Total Runtime39:52

Info for Contigo

Jinte Deprez embarked on his second solo album, under is moniker J. Bernardt, with a vivid image in his head: “The main character is a John Lennon wannabe who wants to play Twin Peaks. In the background, Tarantino waves a Tchaikovsky record at the film composer and shouts, ‘Make it viciously romantic!’, I don’t know if it turned out that way…”. Despite the whimsical imagery, the album, titled "Contigo" (Spanish for "with you"), emerged as a serious endeavour, serving as a therapeutic outlet for Deprez to navigate the aftermath of a long-term relationship breakup. ‘Contigo’ delves into the emotional rollercoaster of heartbreak, exploring stages from shock to acceptance with a blend of drama and sophistication.

Best known for his role in Balthazar, Deprez's solo project allowed him to both focus and expand his musical vision. ‘Contigo’ draws on a diverse range of influences, including pop, soul, funk, and Spaghetti Western soundtracks, reflecting Deprez's love for artists like Serge Gainsbourg or Ennio Morricone. The album serves as a soundtrack for lost and wounded lovers, narrated with both heartache and resilience, capturing Deprez's personal journey with a blend of melancholy and humor.

Through ‘Contigo’, Deprez channels his feelings into a rich and multifaceted work, revealing his vulnerabilities while showcasing his exceptional skill set as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer. The album's exploration of life's complexities extends beyond mere romantic loss, touching on broader themes of self-discovery and introspection.

J. Bernardt

Jinte Deprez aka J. Bernardt
Fans of Belgian indie band Balthazar may already be familiar with co-frontman Jinte Deprez's solo project. Under the pseudonym J. Bernardt, Deprez explores new musical realms of atmospheric synthesiser beats that enjoy a range of influences. Whether inspired by his father's love of Kraftwerk or the delicate pop side of his own musical discoveries: J.Bernardt is an exciting journey for Deprez, here he is something of a generalist; singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, producer, engineer in persona.

His sound is characterised by a mixture of electronic music, soul and R&B; his distinctive voice adds the finishing touch. In 2017, J. Bernardt released his debut "Running Days", a multi-layered soundscape that he travelled mostly alone. His upcoming album "Contigo" is more band-based, Deprez and his 'super-talented friends' had intensive rehearsals and performances. Contigo - Spanish for "with you" - is a dramatic, compelling and colourful mix, Jinte explores all the phases of a break-up here: shock, sadness, anger, denial, hurt, acceptance - it comes across as "wickedly romantic". Sounds promising!

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