Splendor da ciel La Morra

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Label: Ramée

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: La Morra

Composer: Piero Mazzuoli, Giovanni Mazzuoli, Paolo da Firenze, Antonio Zacara da Teramo, Jacopo da Bologna, Hubertus de Salinis, Giovanni da Cascia

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  • Piero Mazzuoli (1386 - 1430):
  • 1Donna s'io ò errato04:20
  • Anonymous:
  • 2Douls m'est amer02:11
  • Anonymous:
  • 3Soiez liez04:08
  • Giovanni Mazzuoli (1350 - 1426):
  • 4Dopo ch'i' so02:51
  • Paolo da Firenze (1355 - 1436):
  • 5Poc' hanno di mirar03:31
  • Giovanni Mazzuoli:
  • 6A' piè del monte02:22
  • Piero Mazzuoli:
  • 7Lasso dolente07:32
  • Antonio Zacara da Teramo (1360 - 1416):
  • 8Dicovi per certança03:18
  • Jacopo da Bologna (1340 - 1360):
  • 9Sotto l'imperio03:12
  • Giovanni Mazzuoli:
  • 10Splendor da ciel06:09
  • Anonymous:
  • 11Le souvenir de vous dame01:57
  • Piero Mazzuoli:
  • 12A Febo Damn'e05:03
  • Hubertus de Salinis (1390 - 1420):
  • 13Ihesu salvator / Quo vulneratus01:36
  • 14Si nichil actuleris / In pretio pretium02:03
  • Giovanni da Cascia (1340 - 1350):
  • 15O tu, cara sciença mia, Musica05:28
  • Paolo da Firenze:
  • 16Uom ch'osa di veder02:43
  • 17Amor mi stringe assai05:17
  • Total Runtime01:03:41

Info for Splendor da ciel

The Archivio del Capitolo di San Lorenzo in Florence conserves a manuscript entitled Campione dei Beni which once served to record church properties. However, its parchment leaves originally belonged to a music manuscript compiled around 1420 in Florence. The musical notation was scraped off in order to make room for the new content. For a long time the remains of the musical notation were considered unreadable. It is only recently that scholars and scientists from the University of Hamburg have been able to render the original manuscript legible again by using the latest multispectral imaging technology. The San Lorenzo Palimpsest, as the collection is known today, is an invaluable source of mainly Italian secular polyphonic music composed in the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. It turned out to contain not only new readings of compositions known from other contemporary manuscripts, but also, and more importantly, completely unknown pieces by such Florentine composers as Giovanni Mazzuoli and his son Piero. La Morra breathes new life into these long-forgotten musical treasures, the majority of which are recorded here for the first time.

La Morra
Corina Marti, flute
Michal Gondko, lute, direction

La Morra
formed in 2000 and named after Heinrich Isaac's famous instrumental piece, is among the leading formations specializing in the performance of European music traditionally referred to as 'late Medieval' and / or 'early Renaissance' (roughly c1300-c1500).

A melting pot of national temperaments, the ensemble makes its home in Basle, the cultural capital of Switzerland, where research into the 'early music' and its performance has been practiced for many decades. Under the artistic leadership of Corina Marti and Michal Gondko, La Morra re-defines itself according to the requirements of the projects it undertakes.

La Morra has performed at some of the most prestigious European and North-American Early Music events, including Festival van Vlaanderen (Belgium), Rencontres de Musique Médiévale du Thoronet and Voix et Route Romane (France), Tage alter Musik in Regensburg (Germany), Kilkenny Arts Festival (Ireland), Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht (The Netherlands), Oslo Internasjonale Kirkemusikkfestival (Norway), Misteria Paschalia and Muzyka w Raju (Poland), Festival Internacional de Música da Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal), Freunde alter Musik Basel and Forum Alte Musik Zürich (Switzerland), Houston Early Music, The Da Camera Society of Mount St. Mary's College, The Chamber Music Society of Saint Cloud and the Early Music Guild of Seattle (USA). Concert tours have also taken the ensemble to Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

La Morra’s CD releases are enthusiastically received. Among the proofs of this are such distinctions as the Gramophone Award Nomination, Classical Music Awards Nomination, Diapason d’Or, Preis and Jahrespreis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik and the constantly high ratings in the international music press.

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