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Label: ECM

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Crossover Jazz

Artist: Mette Henriette

Composer: Mette Henriette

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  • 1So01:41
  • 2.oOo.03:47
  • 3The Taboo01:58
  • 4All Ears03:57
  • 5But Careful01:03
  • 6Beneath You03:13
  • 7Once03:55
  • 8We Were To00:57
  • 93 - 4 - 502:02
  • 10Hi Dive02:54
  • 11A Void04:31
  • 12The Lost One01:14
  • 13In Circles03:44
  • 14I Do03:52
  • 15O03:18
  • 16Passé05:01
  • 17Pearl Rafter01:05
  • 18Veils Ever After01:56
  • 19Unfold00:43
  • 20Wildheart05:46
  • 21Strangers by Midday02:51
  • 22Late à la carte04:11
  • 23So It Is01:38
  • 24?03:34
  • 25True00:47
  • 26This Will Pass Too01:01
  • 27But We Did03:50
  • 28I08:09
  • 29Breathe04:01
  • 30Off the Beat01:53
  • 31Wind on Rocks06:34
  • 32Bare Blacker Rum01:52
  • 33& the Silver Fox01:42
  • 34Behold01:01
  • 35Better Unheard (Yet to Be Hold)01:12
  • Total Runtime01:40:53

Info for Mette Henriette

The untitled ECM double-album debut of young Norwegian saxophonist, composer and improviser Mette Henriette Martedatter Rølvåg is an arrestingly original musical statement. „Jazz“ players and „Classical“ players are drawn together in her ensembles, but the music shapes its own world, outside genre definitions.

Mette Henriette is interlacing form and freedom in fresh ways here, as her intense and focused tenor saxophone sound moves inside compositions of sometimes disarming fragility. In this music, vulnerability can be as potent a force as full-tilt blowing, but there is a place for both. The recording’s expressive and emotional range is wide.

Disc one here features trio music with Mette Henriette, pianist Johan Lindvall and cellist Katrine Schiøtt. Disc two has Mette’s “sinfonietta” with thirteen players. Line-up of the larger group includes some names familiar to ECM listeners – trumpeter Eivind Lønning, drummer Per Oddvar Johansen, and the members of the Cikada Quartet – , all pooling creative energies to serve Mette’s music. The album was recorded at sessions in Oslo in May and August 2014, and produced by Manfred Eicher.

Mette Henriette, saxophone
Eivind Lønning, trumpet
Henrik Nørstebø, trombone
Andreas Rokseth, bandoneon
Johan Lindvall, piano
Sara Övinge, violin
Karin Hellqvist, violin
Odd Hannisdal, violin
Bendik Bjørnstad Foss, viola
Ingvild Nesdal Sandnes, violoncello
Katrine Schiøtt, violoncello
Per Zanussi, double bass
Per Oddvar Johansen, drums, saw

Mette Henriette
bezeichnet sich selbst als eine „unabhängige Saxophonistin und Komponistin“ aus Trondheim, deren Familie aber aus dem hohen Norden Norwegens stammt. Als sie 12 Jahre alt war fand sie mit ihrer Tante ein Saxofon auf dem Speicher, seit jener Zeit hat sich Mette Henriette diesem Instrument verschrieben.

Die 24-Jährige spielte in verschiedensten Formationen und komponiert Musik, die unter Einfluss von Genres wie Jazz, Tango, Indie, Hip Hop, Klassik oder Volksmusik steht. Dabei arbeitet sie mit zahlreichen internationalen Künstlern wie Marina Abramovic oder Nicolas Jaar zusammen. Die Veröffentlichung ihrer Debutplatte steht kurz bevor.

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