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  • 1run away girl03:50
  • 2pick me up (44.1 kHz)02:48
  • 3don't leave me alone with my thoughts03:26
  • 4how well do you know your feelings (44.1 kHz)03:00
  • 5between the lines02:50
  • Total Runtime15:54

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Alice Merton never harbored dreams of superstardom. Then, “No Roots” came along and accelerated her music career in unexpected ways. But along with the success and radio airplay, it brought pressure. Fans were suddenly expecting an album, and she only had a handful of songs at the time.

Over her first two albums, 2019’s MINT and 2022’s S.I.D.E.S., the singer-songwriter, who’s bounced around between Canada, Germany and England, built a devoted following. In her native Germany, she’s a star, appearing as a coach on that country’s version of “The Voice” and more recently performing for thousands in front of the famed Brandenburg Gate for the country’s New Year’s festivities last December.

Merton didn’t return to the U.S. in 2022 or 2023 to headline a tour supporting her sophomore album, but rather chose a few select dates opening for others like Bastille. This spring, she’s testing the waters with a slate of smaller club shows as she gears up to release new EP HERON. The buzz of “No Roots” has calmed, but she said she’s happy to play in front of fans on merit rather than hype.

“I want to be the artist that is in it for the long run that is kind of someone you can count on,” she said, chatting recently from her home studio in London, to which she’d recently moved back from Frankfurt, Germany. “I want to be the consistent thing in your life that brings you joy because it comes back.”

The EP was preceded by Alice Merton releasing single “pick me up” and “run away girl.” She wrote the latter with James Dring (Lana Del Rey) and frequent collaborator Paul Whalley, and released on her label Paper Plane Records. The song shows off Merton’s unique introspection—vague enough to connect with listeners and specific enough to allow them to get to know her on a personal level.

Alice Merton

Alice Merton
Your first single - the only song you’ve ever released - goes to No. 1 and explodes into an international smash; what do you do next? Well for one thing, you release more songs, but for Alice Merton, the breakout success of “No Roots” ignited a madcap run of transcontinental gigs, interviews, and television performances; all the while, she was writing and recording songs towards her debut album whenever she got a sliver of free time. Alas, the payoff is finally here: the debut album MINT is due January 18th via Paper Plane Records International. For Alice Merton, the whirlwind story is in the songs. ​

“Some talk about growing up and moving around a lot,” the English-german artist observes, “But a lot of others discuss the struggles we’ve had with starting a label, the feeling of trying to prove yourself to everyone.” After studying at University of Popular Music and Music Business, Alice Merton founded Paper Plane Records Int. with her manager Paul Grauwinkel, while crafting songs alongside co-writer and producer Nicolas Rebscher. Label reps scoffed at “No Roots” - It’s a minute too long! Take the guitars out! - but by the time it topped Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart in the U.S., hit the Top Ten in further 9 countries, streamed more the 300 million times and sold over a million units which ultimately helped her go platinum in seven countries, naysayers turned to supporters.

Regardless, she’s safe from that one-hit distinction and with extensive touring and one of 2019’s standout debuts on the way, Alice Merton’s metamorphosis from Hype Machine and Shazam sensation to bona fide stardom is starting to... take root. “It feels really relieving,” she affirms. “I’m very excited we can finally put these songs out and even start working on the next chapter.” ​

In addition to 7 Platinum Awards for her debut single in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Turkey, Alice Merton has also won the Echo Award, EBBA Award and two awards for pop culture.

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