Living Proof (Deluxe Edition) (Remastered) Cher

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Label: Warner Records

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: Cher

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  • 1Song for the Lonely (2024 Remaster)03:21
  • 2Different Kind of Love Song (Eclectic Version) [2024 Remaster] (Eclectic Version; 2024 Remaster)03:52
  • 3Alive Again (2024 Remaster)04:19
  • 4The Music's No Good Without You (2024 Remaster)04:42
  • 5Rain Rain (2024 Remaster)03:44
  • 6Real Love (2024 Remaster)03:55
  • 7Love so High (2024 Remaster)04:32
  • 8Body to Body, Heart to Heart (2024 Remaster)03:58
  • 9Love Is a Lonely Place Without You (2024 Remaster)03:53
  • 10Love One Another (2024 Remaster)03:44
  • 11When You Walk Away (2024 Remaster)04:21
  • 12When the Money's Gone (2024 Remaster)04:39
  • 13The Look (2024 Remaster)04:24
  • 14You Take It All (2024 Remaster)04:53
  • Total Runtime58:17

Info for Living Proof (Deluxe Edition) (Remastered)

Cher is one of the most popular female artists in music history. Here's the "Living Proof". Her first album since 1998's quadruple-platinum Believe and it's platinum #1 title track, the pop, dance-friendly Living Proof features the Diane Warren-penned "When You Walk Away" - unavailable on the late 2001-released Top 20 European version. Led in the U.S. by the stunning "Song for the Lonely," Living Proof finds the ultimate pop diva once more on top. Certified Gold by the RIAA.

"Living Proof" is an album that never gets old, even 11 years after its release. From beginning to end, great song after great song tells emotional stories of a blossoming love that eventually comes to a tragic end. In between, songs of empowerment, acceptance and self-love are thrown in to really make the album a feel-good project. Singles such as “Song For the Lonely” and “Different Kind of Love Song” may have failed due to lack of proper promotion, but the power they hold today is proof that Cher is a true artist, capable of crafting timeless pop/dance masterpieces. With a new album just on the horizon, I look back at this effort and pray the artist doesn’t stray too far from this formula. Living Proof is perfect.


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