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Marco Tiso
studied composition with G. Piazza at the Conservatorio di S. Cecilia in Rome, deepening the jazz language with E. Pieranunzi, G. Iacoucci and B. Tommaso, and arrangement and orchestration techniques with G. Gazzani.

He was pianist in Alberto Corvini's big band and Marcello Rosa's group.

He won the 'Barga jazz' arrangement and composition competition in 1989 and the 'Scrivere in jazz' competition in Sassari in 1991; in both competitions he was subsequently a member of the jury several times.

Militare Italiana, the Orchestra dell'Unione delle Radio Europee (U. E. R.), the Grande Orchestra Nazionale di Jazz, the Ottoni di S. Cecilia, the Gil Evans Orchestra for Umbria jazz 88, the Orchestre Sinfoniche della Provincia di Bari and the Teatro Massimo di Palermo.

An arranger and conductor in various fields, he has collaborated since 1986 with Bruno Biriaco, Danilo Vaona, Renato Serio, Gianfranco Lombardi, Bruno Canfora, Roberto Pregadio, Toto Savio, Pippo Caruso, Piero Pintucci and Vince Tempera.

Of particular note are his collaborations with the Sanremo Festival, in '93 as arranger and in '96, '97, '98, '99 and 2002 as conductor-concertor for large orchestras of the songs in the competition.

Music director for Rai 1 in the gala evenings 'Dono d'amore' and 'La notte dei campioni' (two editions) and in the variety show 'Di tutte di più'.

In 2005 he arranged and conducted in Rome (Basilica di Massenzio) the concert-tribute to Piero Piccioni, commissioned by the City of Rome and the Piccioni family.

He was musical director of the 'Rock Revolution' concert in Piazza Esedra in Rome for New Year's Eve 2005/2006 organised by the Municipality of Rome.

Also as an arranger-orchestrator-director, he has worked on music for television dramas and numerous films.

Of particular note was his work on the musical numbers for the film 'The Clan' by Christian De Sica (2005).

Also active in musical theatre, he worked as arranger for "Ma per fortuna c'è la musica" with Johnny Dorelli, "Polvere di Stelle" with Maurizio Micheli, "Dreamsisters" with Amii Stewart.

In 2000 and 2001, he was musical director and arranger of the musicals "Tribute to G. Gershwin/Un Americano a Parigi", in 2007 and 2008 of the show "Parlami di me" by Costanzo and Vaime, in 2014 and 2015 of the musical show "Cinecittà", all starring Christian De Sica.

These shows have seen him working as a conductor in the most prestigious Italian theatres.

He teaches ensemble music, arrangement and orchestration at the Frosinone Conservatory.

His compositions are recorded on Fonit-Cetra, Splasc(h), RCA/BMG-Ariola, Pentaphon, Flex, Pentaflowers and DomaniMusica records.

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