Sean Taylor

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Sean Taylor
sees the world as a dark and desperate place at the moment, but he finds salvation through music. With his new album, “The Beat Goes On” he has made a deliberate attempt to accentuate a positive message of enjoying life through arts, love, music, things that bring people together. He sings “lose yourself in music, feel every note that you hear”.

“Life is precarious especially as an artist…. Enjoy the moment when you can”.

There is a joy in performing again…. Sean has been performing for over 20 years. He finds the movement between different places, different towns, different audiences cathartic. There is a warmth in concerts, connecting with the audience, makes the songs come alive again. He found not touring really hard emotionally. He is used to being a troubadour (a wandering minstrel). He loved having this freedom, which was taken away. He dealt with his frustrations by writing music.

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