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Hilde Pohl
At the tender age of 7, Hildegard, who was born in Stuttgart on March 17th, quickly became a newspaper star: she won first prize in the Stuttgart elementary school competition and appeared life-size in the local newspaper.

Driven by this success (the neighborhood was enthusiastic), she threw herself into the piano, violin and church organ, joined the school orchestra at Fanny-Leicht High School, increasingly enriched the school choir on the piano and played the organ on Sundays for years Church services in her Catholic community, where she discovered her passion for improvisation with Bach and amber mixtures.

After completing a music course and graduating from high school, she emigrated to Nuremberg, where she studied classical piano (Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven & friends) and, very secretly, jazz. Appearances with the women's trio “Hollywood we are coming”, solo programs with “Hildes Wildes Piano Cabaret” and the founding of the HildegardPohl_Trio encouraged her in her plans, and Hilde began to swing very publicly.

Countless concerts, galas and television appearances followed, the audience was thrilled, Hilde was too, CDs were released and she plays and plays and plays. Completely public, jazz, classical, cabaret and on every grand piano she sees. The desire to play is unbroken, the audience and the halls are getting bigger and bigger, and things are going up steeply! No keys are safe from her! Take care of your piano!! It's guaranteed to come to you too!

Hildegard Pohl will receive the Wolframs Eschenbach Prize from the Middle Franconia district on October 23, 2019. ANSBACH (pm/ak) – Their trademark is a crossover of swinging jazz and classical music. Through spontaneous improvisations in her concerts, Hildegard Pohl combines the audience's musical wishes across different genres. For her successful and long-standing work, the artist received the Middle Franconia district's Wolfram von Eschenbach Prize, worth 15,000 euros.

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