Low-Life (Definitive Remastered) New Order

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Label: WM UK

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Artist: New Order

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  • 1Love Vigilantes (2022 Digital Master)04:19
  • 2The Perfect Kiss (2022 Digital Master)04:49
  • 3This Time of Night (2022 Digital Master)04:44
  • 4Sunrise (2022 Digital Master)06:00
  • 5Elegia (2022 Digital Master)04:56
  • 6Sooner Than You Think (2022 Digital Master)05:11
  • 7Sub-culture (2022 Digital Master)04:58
  • 8Face Up (2022 Digital Master)05:06
  • 9Love Vigilantes (TV Pitch Instrumental Edit)06:14
  • 10The Perfect Kiss (Writing Session Recording)03:17
  • 11Untitled 1 (Writing Session Recording)01:30
  • 12Sunrise (Instrumental Rough Mix)05:48
  • 13Elegia (Full Length Version) [2022 Digital Master]17:30
  • 14Sooner Than You Think (Full Length Version)06:24
  • 15Sub-culture (Low-life Session Instrumental)06:07
  • 16Face Up (Writing Session Recording)03:34
  • 17Let's Go (Low-life Session Instrumental)04:14
  • 18Untitled 2 (Writing Session Recording)05:53
  • 19Sunrise (Writing Session Recording)04:32
  • 20Love Vigilantes (Writing Session Recording)04:18
  • 21Sooner Than You Think (Writing Session Recording)03:04
  • 22Skullcrusher (Demo)05:37
  • Total Runtime01:58:05

Info for Low-Life (Definitive Remastered)

New Order are delighted to announce the release of the definitive edition of their 1985 studio album Low-Life.

Low-Life (Definitive) contains previously unreleased mixes and alternative versions, including instrumentals of “Love Vigilantes” and “Sub-Culture," along with the “Album Session Unedited Version” of “Sooner Than You Think.”

Low-Life was recorded in 1984 at Jam and Britannia Row Studios and produced by New Order.

New Order

Digitally remastered

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