Minamata (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Ryuichi Sakamoto

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Label: Milan

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Composer: Ryuichi Sakamoto (1952)

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  • 1Minamata Piano Theme02:50
  • 2Into Japan02:58
  • 3Landscape04:17
  • 4The Boy01:10
  • 5Chisso Co.02:07
  • 6Boy and Camera01:34
  • 7Hidden Data01:12
  • 8Blow Up01:51
  • 9Rally and Persuasion01:45
  • 10Meeting01:07
  • 11Offer05:31
  • 12Commitment04:35
  • 13Fire02:02
  • 14Sharing01:23
  • 15Rising01:44
  • 16Chisso Gate04:23
  • 17Arson Man02:25
  • 18Suicide01:47
  • 19Mother and Child02:29
  • 20Coda05:46
  • 21Icon02:15
  • 22One Single Voice03:57
  • Total Runtime59:08

Info for Minamata (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Minamata features music by internationally renowned composer, musician and environmental activist Ryuichi Sakamoto composed for the 2021 film directed by Andrew Levitas. The sweeping, atmospheric and somber orchestral score is a poignant accompaniment to the story of industrial disaster in the Japanese port town of Minamata, as told through the lens of American photojournalist Eugene Smith. Of the film’s music and working with Sakamoto, director Andrew Levitas says “Ryuichi was my dream collaborator – he would be on any film – but on this mission in particular, there could be no one else…The music quite literally needed to represent both the absolute best of humanity as well as the worst…In my opinion, Ryuichi was able to elegantly ride this razor’s edge and deliver on this concept entirely” Also included on the original soundtrack is the film’s end credit song “One Single Voice” performed by Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, who stars in the film alongside Johnny Depp.

Based on the book by the same name, Minamata tells the story of reclusive war photographer Eugene Smith as he travels Japan to document the devastating effect of mercury poisoning among coastal communities. Armed with only his trusted camera, Smith’s images from the toxic village give the disaster a heartbreaking human dimension, and his initial assignment turns into a life-changing experience.

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Born in 1952 in Nakano (Tokyo), Ryuichi Sakamoto has been active in the entertainment industry since his graduation from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

He achieved western fame as a member of electronic pioneer trio Yellow Magic Orchestra from 1978 until the mid 80s. By then he started writing music alone, or contributing with artists, most notably David Sylvian.

His exploits include an Academy Award for his score to the 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci film The Last Emperor, the soundscape for the opening ceremony of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, and was even hired by the Finnish mobile phone company Nokia to compose ring tones for the Nokia 8800. He is maybe the most influential Japanese musician in electronica. In addition to making music, he has also acted in movies, most notably in "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" co-starring David Bowie, for which Ryuichi also composed perhaps his most memorable film soundtrack.

Trivia - he acts as a director in Madonna's "Rain" video. He also modeled for "The Gap" among other products.

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