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Genre: New Age

Subgenre: Nature

Artist: Mick Sawaguchi

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  • 1Northern Waves-0115:00
  • 2Northern Waves-0215:00
  • 3Northern Waves-0315:00
  • 4Noethern Waves-0415:00
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Info for Nature Whisper Northern Waves

The reason why I decided to make this album was to ask him about the natural sound source owned by UNAMAS Label for the treatment of my illness, tinnitus and (correctly, headache). The troublesome thing about this tinnitus symptom is that there is no such a cure. Even if you listen to the sound source, you do not lose your tinnitus, but when you are concerned about tinnitus, for example, when you go to bed, you can play it and listen to the "sound" to reduce the level of awareness of tinnitus. For the purpose, it is scientifically based on the theory of TRT.

Therefore, I searched for various sounds and listened to them, but somehow some noise called "random noise", that is, white noise, and some "natural sounds" that came out when I tuned the frequency of the radio. I felt it was suitable for neutralizing the noise that was being generated.

Through the work of music distribution, I had been listening to UNAMAS's works, but I also knew that among them, Sawaguchi had many artistic music works that combine many natural sound sources recorded in the field with music. Was there. I often listened to some of them at bedtime, but one night I thought that it would be more effective for tinnitus neutralization and sleep by only using pure natural sounds.

This is because these sound sources are recorded by Mr. Sawaguchi own high-resolution recording of pure natural sounds, and it is considered that all the frequencies that occur in the natural state are included as they are. This is completely different from the so-called healing and meditation sound sources that are made of electronic sounds in terms of sound components. In my own search, I haven't found such a high quality natural sound source. ...

Mick Sawaguchi

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