Nature Whisper Vol. 04 Waterfall Mick Sawaguchi

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Genre: New Age

Subgenre: Relaxation

Artist: Mick Sawaguchi

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FLAC 96 / MCH $ 19.40
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  • 1Waterfall Kumano15:00
  • 2Waterfall Kegon15:00
  • 3Waterfall Inatori15:00
  • 4Waterfall Gojyo15:00
  • Total Runtime01:00:00

Info for Nature Whisper Vol. 04 Waterfall

We live as a part of nature, and we have regularity in everything from heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing, but ourselves engrave irregular 1 / f fluctuations that are different each time. Therefore, it is very natural that listening to these external natural sounds resonates with their own fluctuations and adjusts the autonomic nerves, resulting in a stable and relaxed state of mind.

These 4 individual albums (Rain, Wave, Stream, Waterfall) sound sources are recorded by Mr. Sawaguchi own high-resolution recording of pure natural sounds with surround, and it is considered that all the frequencies that occur in the natural state are included as they are. This is completely different from the so-called healing and meditation sound sources that are made of electronic sounds in terms of sound components.

Even so, it seems that many people living in the city are exposed to various stresses and become mentally uneasy. In such a situation, I hope that the pure sound of nature recorded by Mr. Sawaguchi will help people with similar concerns to heal, and I have put together it as one album.

If you listen to each sound, there is the purity that nothing out of it or to it.

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