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Genre: New Age

Subgenre: Nature

Artist: Mick Sawaguchi

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  • 1Green Chorus-0115:00
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Info for Nature Whisper Green Chorus

Japanese Tree Flog - Hyla japonica: It is a series of Nature Whisper albums. It was field recording among June-July at Night.Enjoy a beautiful Chorus of Japanese Tree Flogs in rice field.

In spring, from May to June, they gather at the waterside and lay eggs on rice field in the water. During spawning season, males inflate vocal sacs at the back of their throats near the water's edge and cry loudly to attract females. Only males sing,

In June 2010, I went to Kurohime Kogen in Shina no-machi, Nagano Prefecture, to field recording with Higurashi-Evening Cicada. I was staying at a mountain hut, and in the evening, I heard a wonderful chorus of frogs coming from the nearby paddy fields. I came. Since the recording was done at night, there weren't any good candidate sites for paddy fields due to transportation problems in remote areas.

This work is the result of discovering beautiful paddy fields in Hamura City, which is located upstream of the Tama River, and going out at night from June to July 2022 to take a field recording.

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