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Genre: New Age

Subgenre: Nature

Artist: Mick Sawaguchi

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Info for Nature Whisper The Air of Lake

Lake Nozori, located in Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture and belonging to Joshin-etsu Kogen National Park, is an artificial dam lake that is designated as the 22nd of Japan's Top 100 Dam Lakes and is also the trailhead to the mountains on the border of Joshin-etsu. If you go north from Kusatsu hot springs on National Route 405 and cross Nozori Pass, you can see Lake Nozori surrounded by native forest.

Campgrounds are also built around the lake, where you can enjoy the cool air of the highlands in summer, and alpine plants such as Nozorikisuge (local name for day lily) and Rhododendron japonicum are in full bloom around the lake. If you go further along the promenade, you will find a vast wetland spreading out, where you can hear the chorus of various wild birds, including warblers, in spring. The horn-like topography is a valuable topography that reflects and amplifies the voices of wild birds 360 degrees. If you stand in the center, you can enjoy the splendid space surrounded by the voices of wild birds.

Unlike ocean waves, lake waves have a gentle rhythm. I previously recorded the waves of Finnish fjord lakes, but the transparent and slow rhythm is different from the rhythm of the ocean, so please enjoy the difference from the ocean waves that I have released before.

Mick Sawaguchi

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